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A Campaign to restore confidence in homebirth and defend the human right of families
to have a homebirth which is supported and attended by NHS midwives


Hospitals across the country are suspending their homebirth services

… which forces women to either pay for an independent midwife if they want a homebirth, move to another area, or give birth unassisted

… or go back to give birth in the same hospitals where they may have already suffered birth trauma and interventions that might have been avoided

… and every woman should be able to determine for herself what setting feels like the right place for her to labour, give birth and spend the first precious hours and days with her baby - not have the choice made by others


The Crusade Against Natural Birth

Birthplace Matters responds to the recent discussion in the media and by politicians about physiological birth.


NMC Demonstration on International Day of the Midwife

A summary of the demonstration at NMC HQ on International day of the Midwife - 5th May 2017, and the meeting with Chief Executive Jackie Smith


Open reply to the NMC from Birthplace Matters – March 2017

Our reply to the NMC including women's birth stories.


An Open Letter to the NMC from Birthplace Matters

We are writing to convey our despair at the decision by the NMC to shut down and persecute the profession of Independent Midwifery with your recent recommendations.


Birthplace Matters October 2016

A Campaign to restore the homebirth service for women and their families in the QE catchment area


Dignity Matters. Birthplace Matters September 2015

We deliver evidence on why birthplace matters and gain greater backing from world leading experts.


The situation in June 2015

The Birthplace Matters survey revealed that 25% of those asked said they would consider freebirthing


How Birthplace Matters began

and why Birthplace really does matter not just to mums and their babies but to dads, siblings and the wider family too


What happened next? Many angry voices speak out

Find out what Janet Balaskas (Founder of Active Birth Movement), Prof. Soo Downe (OBE) , Beverley Beech (AIMS), Virginia Howes (ITV's 'Home Delivery' Midwife) and others had to say....


Why is it safer than ever to have a homebirth?

Birth at home used to be a risky business, but in 2015, we have never had it so good. In many ways, it has never been safer for a woman to give birth at home than here in the UK in 2015. Why?